Connecticut Melonheads Picture

Finally getting around to updating my cryptid blog.

I'm finally talking about the Connecticut Melonheads and why I don't like the classic folklore surrounding them. I decided to write my own background for them.

First, the original lore:
The stories vary somewhat, but the gist of the myths involve an old asylum for the criminally insane where the doctors carry out horrific experiments upon the patients. After years of torture, the patients escape and murder the doctors, burn down the asylum, then flee into the surrounding woods. They live out there for years, hidden from civilization, growing more and more savage. Their gigantic heads are either a pre-existing hydrocephalic condition or caused by decades of inbreeding. They attack people on lonely wooded roads, dragging them back to their lairs to devour them.

Hopefully by now you can see why I dislike this mythology. The biggest problem I have is that this story relies primarily on the lazy, hurtful stereotype of the mentally-ill as being dangerous and savage. People struggling with mental illness have enough prejudice to deal with, without being turned into cannibalistic boogeymen. Even worse are the versions of the story where the Melonheads' enlarged craniums are caused by hydrocephalism. Because having a debilitating disease naturally makes you a monster, of course.

If you want to read MY version of the Melonheads, go check it out here:

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