Farm Cat Picture

It's sort of funny I don't draw theriocephalic characters very much, considering my fictional land (Sanagis) is made up of them. I decided this long ago, mind you, because Sanagis is based off of ancient Egyptian mythology. At that time, I had no idea that there was or would be a whole fandom devoted to such things, or I would have chosen something different. There are also those with minor animalistic features and different skin tones, in the spirit of the myths they are based on.

This came to happen in Sanagis because the first Sanagisians used magic to make themselves like other creatures, believing this would make it easier to draw power from the elements their magic came from. Because of the magic in their blood, all Sanagisians are born with the ability to become mages. They are mages by choice, and in Sanagis, everyone is able to become one if they choose to study it.

...However, in the far western grassy plains of Sanagis, there is a secluded subculture of Sanagisians who choose not to use magic. Their views on it vary, but it is most widely accepted that they see it as being more dangerous than it is worth. I imagine that is the culture this girl is from -- and why I fondly name her "Farm Cat."
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