YEAR OF SNAKE - 2013 Picture


For my last (?) post of Year, I wanna share my happiness with the three mythological snakes of Suit Fighters: Genbu, Bela Kača and Boitatá.

Genbu is not only a Snake, but a Turtle (sometimes a mixed of them or a turtle with a snake on tail). He's the god of Water/or Earth, and the leader of North. He's knowledge like the Black Tortoise of North. On Chinese, his name is Xuwan Wu. In Suit, his role is like the leader of Cups fighters, related with the elements of Water.

The white haired girl is Bela Kača (White Snake), from Slovenian mythology. I liked found something diferent and Bela is one of creatures I liked. She's the queen of snakes and guardian of hidden treasures. On her forehead, has a crown with a shiny diamond. She can be benevolend with human, if you be benevolent and keep a secret. But if you try take her crown, be ready agains her rage. You can see more of her here: [link]

And for the last, the girl with green hair, Boitatá the fire snake of rivers! She's the guardian of lakes and forests in indigenous Brazilian myths. She's the myth for the Will-o'-the-wisp. In Suit, she's a tanned girl with fiery green hair and around her, spirits called hitodama.

That's it kids! Keep the calm and ENJOY THE PARTY!!!
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