Lude and Iso Picture

Caution--big file XD

Okay yeah, so I haven't been posting on either DA or MB anymore because
A. School >.>
B. I think I'm just lazy (sorry forgive me D'8)

But then we had this homework and I made something that OMG I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF HAPPYTEARS PLEASE XD

We were to make a god/goddess and his or her rival and make a story about them here's the link sorry if my handwriting is crap and if the story is crap (wow i'm saying crap a lot) and uh if there's any grammar errors since that was like at 3am and I was high singing Rick Roll~

Here's the story! [link]

~Lude the Little Goddess of Play and Iso the Little God of Work and Study by 7HS~
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