Loki's Children Picture

O.O I did something.

This is for =yami-caffeine and *AzraelEvangeline's contest. The aim was to put their characters into a mythological story or transform them into the gods or goddesses of any myth.

I chose the children of Loki (Norse Mythology), because Hel has always been one of my favorite goddesses. It helps that Yami's Odine is perfect to fill Hel's shoes, and I wanted some elegance to Hel anyway. Then Midgard serpant and Yami's Minya was obvious. Then I put another one of Yami and Az's characters as Fenrir, the oldest wolf brother. Unfortantally, I forgot the character's name. >.< I am sure Az will remind me later. The important thing in the relationships all match up fairly well. Odine is like an sister and the boss sometimes of Minya, and then the wolf character gets along with Odine somewhat and pretty much a rival sibling much like Fenrir is to Hel and the Midgard Serpant.

Art by me.

Awesome characters by *AzraelEvangeline and =yami-caffeine
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