Evelyn Shade, 'Myth' Picture

Evelyn Shade is my new character for a story I have been contemplating for a while.
Evelyn was born almost 43 years after the events of a world wide nuclear war (Fallout much), which decimated human populations, and left the world a sorry dust-ball filled with mutants and monsters.
The sheer amount of radiation in the atmosphere has led to large mutations in many living things, giving powers, new forms and higher intelligence to those infected, although much of those have devolved into mindless killing machines.
Evelyn was born unto Tannin and Maria Shade, a young couple who managed to survive the wastes of Washington state, and fled north across the border, being pursued by bandits.
Maria was killed when Evelyn was six, leaving Tannin to raise is daughter alone, while evading bandits and monsters in the Rocky Mountain deserts. When Evelyn was ten, Tannin was forced to sacrifice himself to save her from the same bandit group that had killed her mother, imparting the knowledge of her powers to her before she fled.
Almost Eight years later, Evelyn has full control of her powers, which allow her to take on the form of any creature (that resembles a mythical creature, ie. Medusa, Griffins, Dragons, Hydra, Werewolves, etc.) that she has defeated, or use their abilities.
A secondary power, which she dubbed 'Vampiric embrace', allows her to temporarily take on the form of any creature she comes across, regardless of their mythological background.
Headstrong and proud, Evelyn prides herself with her ability to not only to control her powers, but also her skill with weapons and tools, particularly her mother and father's matching knives.
She prefers staying alone, but when a telepath contacts her with an offer to help people and be among her own kind, she cannot refuse, and heads to their base immediately.
Story and Characters belong to me, so no stealing!
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