ACEO : Quietus : Follow Me Down Picture

Follow me down to the river
Drink while the water is clean
Follow me down to the river tonight
I'll be down here on my knees

Follow me down to the river
Follow me down through the trees
Follow me down to the river, man
I'll be down here on my knees
I'll be down here on my knees

Young love as sweet as can be

— by Follow Me Down by The Pretty Reckless

This is fanart for AngeLhearteD's Quietus. A fanfic which is modern take on abduction myth and combines Naruto's characters with ancient greek mythology. The classical mythological subject of the Rape of Persephone to be exact with Sasuke as Hades and Sakura as Persephone.

First of all, happy belated new year everyone! Now a friend of mine got me this amazing texture paper for Christmas, I don't believe Konan's role has been revealed but I either think she's a Chthonic nymph (one of a higher caliber then Karin) or Iris one of the messengers of the gods (aka Hera) and goddess of the rainbow. Personally I like idea she Styx (who was also called Orphne or/and Gorgyra) the goddess/nymph who was a representation of the darkness of the river Styx, the river of hatred. She is the consort of Acheron, (the god of the river in Hades), and the mother of Ascalaphus, (the orchardist of Hades).

  • I wanted to keep trend I started earlier, so each character in Quietus gets it's own style depending on which type of god their classified (Chthonian, Olympian, etc.) Nymphs at least the more powerful underworld nymphs wear revealing black dresses which are a sharp contrast to the loose and flowing scarfs, shawls, veils, cloaks and capes they wear over it. Unlike deities their are more subdued and allow them to blend into the background and hide any special characteristics, they also enhance the robes of deity they're accompanying. Jewelry wise well often the only thing the wear are brooches and pins to hold their flowing garments together

  • The border was inspired by various art deco works which will I will use the series. The next will be Aphrodite & Selene followed by picture of Hestia & Demeter while I will finish this series with aceo of Nyx and Hera.
Technical Information
Media: Mech Pencil, Copic (Marker, Sketch, Ciao and Multi liner), Prismacolor pencils, Watercolor pencils, metallic gel pens, nailpolish and Photoshop

Art © mitsuki0tennyo (Reference Pose: Lucy Heartfilia)
Quietus aka plot © AngeLhearteD aka Butterfly-Chu
Brushes by @readheadstock
Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shōnen Jump, etc

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