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Melusine is a fae water-spirit of European folk-lore and myth. There are varying different depictions and descriptions of her, as well as many different stories regarding her.

In one of the stories, a knight happened upon Melusine while she was swimming within the waters of a lake, he was so enchanted by her beauty he asked her to marry him. She agreed she would be his wife, if one night of the year she was allowed her freedom to be her true self. So besotted the knight agreed to these terms, and so she was his wife on two legs and they lived happily together, and had children. And as their agreement, one night a year, she would go upstairs fill the tub with water, close the door, and once more return to her true form. Over time her husband began to become bothered by this mystery of his wife's, that still there was some part of her that he could not share, that she had a secret she kept from him. His curiosity got the best of him, and so one night he sneaked up the stairs, opened the door and spied upon her while she splashed within the waters, tail and all. He was horrified by this sight, and in spite of his love for her, could not accept that she never would truly be like he was, never be completely a part of his world, even though the majority of her life she walked on two legs, she would always be apart. So Melusine was forced to flee and return again to the waters of her lake.

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