TCoRO Sketches 3 Picture

Möäh, novel concepts again. Whatchamacallit... 3/4 sketchy? May be more lopsided than a plastic bag full of water hanging from a tree branch. Yeah, and I draw these straight with the tablet. I haven't touched my scanner or real paper since last summer. O_o

The hairmonster in the right is King Lhietd-Lhem'meeschz G'Uhageid, as seen in chapter II-13 in his ghost form. In his later days he looked quite a lot like the old Guarh, as the statue in the grave demonstrated. Lhietd was Rha-kan'Ocka's equivalent of Don Juan, over 8 feet tall, and one of the more powerful wizards of his time. Partly his purpose here and in the chapter was to point out what features and idiotic characteristics were transferred to the later generations (*cough*Khran*cough*). I don't think I'll ever draw a colored pic of him since he's one of those fashion disasters that will wear toxic green and vomit yellow together with magenta and dung brown. Or something.
The name is twisted from Finnish, as usual, the original being Lieto-Lemmes. Yoinked from both Kalevala and F. mythology, where Lemmes (Lempo) is a god of love, and Lieto Lemminkäinen a Casanova-ish character in the ancient rune songs. They very likely mean one and the same figure, though, as there are trillions of parallelisms in the myths. 'Lieto' translates, as far as I know, to something akin to slick, cunning, suave.

Scribble in the left refers to a yet unwritten scene where Guarh (old ugly ponytail dude) has extracted memories about the tomb incident from Hiid's mind, and suddenly has rather important things to brood over concerning the fate of the dominion. Hiid's literally thinking something in the lines of "Prophecies? Lines of kings that were broken? Egads, have I really become the dratted Tenth Walker Mary Sue that is destined to fall in hot lurve with Legless Bigfigleaf?"
The old woman who certainly has eaten well is Ghirn'ubim-Ach G'Uhageid aka Granny Ghirn. Though, after having given birth to a whole tribeful of children, there's no going back to a matchstick shape anyway.

Repeating this, but the story makes heavy parody of fanfiction and fantasy clichés, and most of the characters are kind of anti-heroes. Even the usual teenage wonderkid is missing, as Hiid is 55/60, depending on whether you use Iota Sphere or Rha-kan'Ocka chronology. People merely stay young longer in both universes, the elves living tens of thousands of years (Khran's 17000, Ghirn 25000...). A typical age for a human to look middle-aged in Hiid's original world was around 170.

Guarh and Lhietd are missing their tattoo layers because the pic would've looked too messy. Lhietd has some squiggles around the eyes, though.

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