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Source Cryptids are mythological entities prevalent in the now defunct Rune Religions. In truth, references of them can be found is texts and drawings from times long before the Rune Religions, but these references are extremely rare. Whereas Ghosts are stable Source Configurations that remain after an organism dies, Cryptids are said to be spontaneously created by Source itself. Cryptids are said to be highly intelligent, though not in a human or even animal sense. They also supposedly have infinite Source Affinity and are immortal. They were considered to be messengers from god by the Rune Religious, and some variants of the myths suggest that Cryptids may be a type of god themsleves, because they can neither be created nor destroyed. The older references have mixed messages of Crytids either being miracles or harbingers of doom.

They either have no set form, or each Cryptid is extremely unique, because nearly every references describes them differently. All Cryptids are Source green and contain at least one "core" (a tight cluster of Source), but the number of limbs, size, head morphology, ect., are always unique. There is one exceptional Cryptid that appears in three references originating in the Salixen Marshes spanning centuries apart. It is assumed that the two newer references took their descriptions from the oldest reference.

When the Rune Religions lost favor, belief in Crytids also waned until the Last War. When Arecace accepted the existence of the many Ghosts created during the war, some Arecacens began to regain interest in finding and studying Cryptids. After all, since Sentient Source exists in the form of Ghosts, Crytids aren't such a far-fetched idea. That said, not even the slightest shred of evidence for their existence has ever been found, nor has any credible witness ever claimed sighting one.

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