Jamal Al Rashid Picture

Jamal is actually an older character from 2004. Back then he was little more than a one-shot villain but earlier last year I decided to bring him back and develop him a little more. His appearance here is actually very close to how I envisioned him back then.

Full Name: Jamal Al Rashid
Age: 45
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 168 lbs.
Birthday: September 18th 1967
Birthplace: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Occupation: Royal Saudi Air Force (retired), Azad Holy Warrior
Element/Combat Specialty: Saudi Military Combat, Al Rashid Swordplay
Favorite Food(s): Lamb, couscous, falafel
Likes: His family, his religion, World History, swords, mythology
Dislikes: Bigots, deceit, dishonor, atheists

Short Bio: Jamal is a Holy Warrior hailing from the desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He started his career serving in the Royal Saudi Air Force and participated in the Gulf War and a few other conflicts. Other than this Sentai has little to no information on Jamal’s life between his military service and joining the Holy Warriors of Azad. It is known that he has a wife, Mofia, and two children, young Jamal II and teenage Fatima, who live with him in the city of Durham. Durham is a fairly large city thirty minutes from Neo Greensboro by highway and has a high population of Middle Eastern and Asian Indian peoples. Though Jamal’s current occupation is in question he is far from a stereotypical terrorist. He respects all his opponents until they give him a reason not to and prefers to fight with honor when possible. His faith in Islam is genuine but he is also a cool-headed, rational man who knows how to interpret his beliefs the right way. He respects all other beliefs save for atheism, with which he passionately disagrees. His family is the center of his life and he serves Azad not just for his beliefs but to provide for them. Jamal is also a known lover of history as well as myths and legends; particularly the legends of the Middle East. In addition to his Military Combat, Jamal fights with a style of swordsmanship passed down throughout the Al Rashid Clan since the Crusades. His sword of choice is a Scimitar that he believes was created from the talon of the legendary bird, the Roc.

DISCLAIMER: SCV was merely the vehicle for Jamal's creation. He and the other characters of Seijyuken belong to ME and are in no way, shape, or form connected to the story, timeline, or any of the established characters of the Soul Series or any other existing media.

I.E. They're NOT Fanchars nor are they Soul Calibur characters
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