Harbinger of Death {DTA Tryout} Picture

So, this was um... What I decided to do today. Well, I've been meaning to draw to adopt this little guy for a while, and it finally happened.

I'm really hoping I get him, because I've got quite a few ideas.

At the very least, I took a little bit from Scottish/Irish mythology, at least stuff I remembered off the top of my head.

Name: Augur (Also known as Forerunner)
Age: Eons
Gender: Male
Species: Cu Sith Alpha
Abilities: Able to call death upon those that view the red of his jewels; Bonding with living souls in order to transport over water; Communication with the living, even humans; Can call his pack at any time.
Background: A creature that was born of darkness and given a taste for death, Augur was born in Egypt as a sort of underling for Anubis. However, he quickly found his abilities and powers were more than his creator could have wished for, and after a bloody battle he left with a limp for new shores. He managed to hop a boat, singed to the lives of several unfortunate passengers who died shortly after his bonding with them, and made his way to Scotland.

Through much searching and practice, he was able to summon minions of sorts; Cu Sith, which were little more than ghosts imbued with his own love for flesh, and Cait Sith, who would warn humans of the death they would meet. He continues to call them, to have them bring those who he deemed worthy of death to his den; hidden deep within a hill. He keeps the souls there, feasting on their life source simply with his presence, though he often has a few that he will keep around for his own joy and rapture. The Fairies in the area have taken him in as their own, adding him to the world's myths and legends, if only because he won't be caught.

Oh geez, I guess I have more info for him than I had thought...

Augur Info, Art (c) Me
Character Design (c) =Trebleclefaroo
Reference for the wolf skull found here: [link]
Continue Reading: The Myths