The Banshee Picture

Years ago, a number of women came together to commit a mass murder. It all occured so long ago, that know one knows who they murdered or why they did it.

These women were all caught and hanged outside of Onacre Town. There is no doubt that they all descended to the Underworld.

As punishment, they were kept in constant, agonizing pain, chain below a river of their victims' blood. They had to struggle every second to raise their heads above the blood, their penetrating screams ringing throughout the Underworld.

Then, in the year 500 exactly, the two evil goddesses, Ebony and Ivory, were born. That very night, they crept into the Underworld disguised as shadows. They came upon the chained women and offered to free them from their eternal punishment if they would swear their alliance to them. They agreed immediately.

Of course, now days, we know that these two goddesses would make false promises that they never intended to fulfill. The women didn't know that, so of course they accepted.

Their bodies returned to the surface world, but their souls remained with Ebony and Ivory. Their empty, starved corpses were sentenced to roam the world as something between ghost and human. To further serve the goddesses, they were given ghostly shrieks that would kill humans over the course of a few days.

These are what we know as banshees.

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