Galatea: 1 Picture

A comic for class. We had to take a myth and then apply it to our own lives.

For peeps who don't yet know of Pygmalion and Galatea, here is an abridged version! - Once upon a time, the sculptor Pygmalion would have no woman; none were beautiful enough for him. Then, he carved the loveliest statue in the world - and fell in love with it. He prayed to the gods to grant him a woman who looked exacty like the statue, but they rolled their eyes and were like "Dude, we can totally see through that request" and granted him what he really wanted - that is, the statue coming to life. And so he named it Galatea and married it, yadda yadda, but unfortunately her heart was as hard as stone and she never returned his love.

I'm really fascinated by this myth - it seems an excellent metaphor for what artists/writers/creative-endeavor-people do - but the character Pygmalion himself really bothers me. I don't really like how he forsook real people in favor of his art. Now, perhaps I am not one to talk (lawl antisocial lawl) but - it seems to me that art is often improved by interacting with the outside world. Then you can have experiences! And intense emotions about things other than yourself! And learn cool stuff - about other people's techniques, even! And THEN you disappear for weeks and make art about it! ...And then you get your friends to take you out for a drink to recover.

But yeah. Uh.

Ink on illustration board. Page 1 of four.

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