Arranudo Native: Toma Runningbrook Picture

Name: Toma Runningbrook "Brook That Runs Through Forrest"

Species: Shaman

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 130 lbs

Nation: Arranudo

Occupation: Hunter

Personality: Toma is a simple person, however he is not to be confused as simple-minded. At first he can appear feral and hostile, but once you get to know him he is actually very friendly and seems a bit childish. He may not be smart about modern society, but he is wise for someone his age and knows a great deal about tribe-life and ancient history. Not being good at English, he uses broken speech, but that does not stop him from talking someone's ear off. He's rather blunt and tends to offend people even though he doesn't mean to. He's very social and a naturally curious person, but can get nervous if he is overwhelmed with new things.

Toma is very protective of his family and friends and fiercely loyal to his tribe. He'll do anything to protect those close to him and will not hesitate to strike if threatened. Living in the Overgrowth, he's always aware of his surroundings and is always on the look-out for danger. He tends to use actions instead of words to solve problems, and people can feel threatened by him even though he wouldn't purposely hurt anything unless they strike first.

Toma's favourite pastime is attending storytelling groups with the elders and children of the tribe, as well as drawing. He has tons of pictures scattered around his home. When asked about his opinion on the war and why he chooses not to fight in it, he ignores the first part completely, and just says he enjoys his duties has a Hunter than a soldier.

Likes: Arranudo, food, FISH!, fishing, hunting, Evan, his tribe, climbing, adventuring, FISH!
Dislikes: Unfavourable hunter conditions (i.e. very hot days, very cold days, ect.), people who want to hurt others, killing for no reason

History: Toma was born in raised in the Wahpekute Tribe ("shooters in the leaves"), a tribe of Natives who live in the Ruins about an hour's trek away from Udoran. Both of his parents died from a disease when he was a baby and he was raised by the cheif and his wife. He has also been picked to be the next chief if something is to happen to the chief's own son.

Toma has been to Udoran only for the annual Wild Hunt, save for one time when he was very young. As much as he loves discovering new things about the city, he easily gets overwhelmed by all that's going on, and will move to areas with less activity. Toma, sad that it would be his first year doing the Wild Hunt without Evan, went in search of the werewolf, and found him in the Arranudo Library. After some convincing, he finally got Evan (and Rowan) to agree to participate in the Wild Hunt that year. He has since returned to his tribe where he has taken on the new responsibility of training apprentices how to hunt.

Strengths: stealthy, swift, acute sense, strong, brave
Weaknesses: somewhat stubborn, can be hot-headed, hardly any knowledge about modern society

Skills: Toma knows many of the Overgrowth's plants by name and what they can do to someone or something. He also has amazing hunting and battling skills. He can use a bow and arrows as well as a blow gun.

Potions, Poisons, Magical Items: Medical leaf-bundle, Poison leaf-bundle

Pets: N/A

Spear- Toma is never seen without it. It is extremely durable and almost impossible to break.
Dagger- Simple, multipurpose dagger made from the bones of a Razor Back.
Tomahawk- Obtained during Event 3, Toma made it from the bones and claws of a Gavialsaurus.

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