panorama teaser p1 Picture

oh hey look anna's posting again!
wow... after an entire summer of silence here i am again :0
i promise this is not the only thing i've been working on, but most of the other stuff is so out-there and rough that i felt like i shouldn't submit it :/

anyways here's a bit of an explanation as to what this is:

PANORAMA is a comic idea i've been sitting on and playing with since i was in middle school. the setting has changed so many times i can't even begin to count, but the characters have stayed pretty much the same.
if you were reading my deviantdead entries, julien and michael were basically redesigned extensions of the two characters you see at the top of the page
essentially they'll be the same two characters, but julie's switching back to her original name, and due to setting mike is going to be a bit better adjusted
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