SD:SWS- Spencer Cartagen Picture


Name: Spencer Cartagen

Age: 17 years old

Height: 6’10”

Race: Yeti- The Yeti, or the Abominable Snowman as it is also called, is a mythological creature said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. Yeti’s are often described as extremely large, ape-like creatures covered in white fur and is considered the parallel of the North American myth, Big Foot.

Ethnicity 1/2 Scandinavian, 1/2 Caucasian

Grade: 11th grade

Relatives: Eric, Ivan, and Calvin Cartagen(Yetis, all older brothers)

Style: Painted Prep

Orientation: Heterosexual

Significant body markings: Three piercings on each ear, a lip ring on the right side of his lower lip, one silver nipple ring on left nipple

Favorite Class: Advanced Art

Favorite Teacher(s): Art Tunone(Leprechaun(Luck Spirit), Art Teacher)

Club(s): WWHS Art Club

Crush/Steady: None

Voyager by Daft Punk

I’ve Got A Dark Alley and A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth by Fall Out Boy

Info: Like many people in High School, Spencer Cartagen falls under the dreadful “first impression” curse, and it’s not hard to see why. Spencer stands at a full six-foot-ten, towering over many of the students at WormWood, and when you add in the small tusks protruding from his lower jaw, somewhat-muscular frame, and paint splattered clothing, most people stay away from Spencer out of fear, which is something Spencer hates. Spencer LOVES the concept of being social, and would gladly jump at the chance to have a conversation with just about anybody. That is, if he could have a conversation.

The youngest of four brothers, Spencer was born mute, which is the inability to speak, for those who don’t know. Due to this inability, Spencer alienated himself from others, including his family, and because of this alienation, never bothered to learn sign language when his parents offered to teach him. Spencer grew up doing things by himself, often getting angry at others when they tried to help him. He didn’t want people to do things for him because of his disability. Eventually, this lead to a lot of built up anger and frustration, which often caused him to throw massive tantrums and break things.

One day, during one of his outbursts, Spencer grabbed a can of paint and threw it at the wall of his parent’s garage. When he saw how the paint splattered against the wall(ignoring the hole he’d just put there), and being to notice all of the different shapes and designs he could see in it, he quickly grabbed another can, and, instead of throwing it, dipped his hand in it and began smearing it across the wall. Eventually, Spencer moved from the wall of the his parents garage to much smaller canvases, and eventually realized that he had found a nondestructive way of letting out his anger.

Spencer’s artwork is a very serious part of his life. He’s never seen without a sketchbook, which he usually fills with drawings of other students in the school. Spencer has easily gone through over one hundred sketch books, most filled with random students and faculty, but he has at least one sketch book filled with nothing but members of the schools sports teams and clubs. His favorite teams to sketch are the Cheer Squad(though he could do without the obvious flirting from Chris Steed, the Pegasus) because he enjoys the challenge of drawing their various routines, and the Dance Team, specifically the team “Wish3s” because he finds dancing one of the hardest thing to draw, and considers them the best in the school.

The first real friend Spencer ever made was Sullivan Archfield, the Smoke Spirit. Sully and Spencer both shared an english class freshman year, and even though Spencer didn’t talk much, Sully loves hanging out with him, and felt that he could tell the Yeti anything, which lead Spencer to be the first person Sully ever came out of the closet to, that wasn’t a member of his family. Spencer and Sully have been best friends ever since freshman year, and when sophomore year rolled around, Oregano Talbot the Big Bad Wolf, joined the Trifecta. Spencer and O-Reg’s relationship if very different compared to his relationship with Sully. O-Reg and Spencer don’t have much in common, and usually only hang out when Sully is around, but it was their love of artwork, specifically Spray painting, that finally revealed something the two had in common. Spencer is currently learning how to tag with the gangsta, but refuses to tag anywhere other than the wall his older brother gave him in the back of the house.

Spencer’s parents died a few years after his oldest brother, Eric, graduated from WormWood and lived with his Grandmother until Eric had enough money to raise Spencer, and the Cartagen twins.

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