Persona ultamate form Danu Picture

I haven't drawn My persona's ultimate form in a while but here it is . Again the Name is Danu (Her name in old Irish is Anu). Danu means 'Divine waters'( bought a mythology book and love'n it). In mythology back when the Earth was filled with barren land,arid desserts and volcanoes Danu flooded the world with her divine waters and brought life to the land. She also nurtured the sacred oak tree known as Bíle. Bíle gave birth to two gods ( well god and goddess) the Dagda (the good god) and Brigid (the exalted). River names across Europe acknowlage her. She also has a connection to hindu mythology.
I believe that Danu or Anu fits the criteria for the world arcana (don't want to sound high and mighty)
I think her special move will be called 'divine torrent' washes out death and darkness and brings new life and light.
Oh man I love the myths so myths so much I wish they were real.

Well hope you like the pic and backround story to it plz comment
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