Loki Doodles Picture

On the left we have a doodle of frost-giant Loki. Yeah yeah, I know they’re not actually frost giants in the legit myths. But I really do like the idea of Loki being, as one aspect, a fire god but actually being a frost-giant.

Plus I like this design (hence the reason why I like the Ice Titan from Hercules, from which this form takes a lot of influence, and why I like Icicle Jr from Young Justice, who I designed this form before seeing).

And on the right we have that picture I showed a preview of last night. The description I gave previously was:

This is from the story of Iduna’s golden apples, right after Loki helps get Iduna kidnapped in exchange for his own freedom. The gods were not pleased.

The version I read said that Loki ran and hid, but was grabbed by Thor and couldn’t escape no matter how many animals he transformed into. So he was pretty much like “Heeeeeey, Thor, old buddy old pal, what’s shaking? Pleasedon’tkillmeI’llgetIdunabackIpromise."

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