Wine Dolphins Picture

A Greek mythology fakemon. It's based off of the myth where Dionysus had angered some pirates, who chased him. To drive off the pirates, Dionysus made grape vines entangle and sink their ships, and then turned the pirates into dolphins. Thus, wine dolphins.

Dolfine (DOL[F]IN+FINE, as in fine wine)
Evolves by using a Wine* to heal.
Dolfine are usually dizzy and have been known to suffer severe headaches. They will often steal human's drinks for their own use.

Alkoholfin (AL[K]OHOL+dOL[F]IN)
Does not evolve.
Scientists are baffled about how the wine-like substance held in Alkaholfin's fin do not leak in the water. Alkaholfin can, not only defy the laws of gravity, but squirt the false wine through their blowholes.

*Wine: An item that will fully heal a Pokémon and remove any stati, but will give them a Confused status.
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