Artie Picture

Okay so I have SO MUCH TROUBLE drawing Artemis that I often don’t finish pictures of her, even in my own myth challenge haha… but I realize I was trying to only really capture one side of her and as we know capturing Artemis is a tricky thing in any case. I tried just relaxing and drawing a smiling artemis instead of the cold, poised and aggressive artemis I usually shoot for… and she just sort of opened up! There’s got to be something magical about that.

I think that once you get past her cold introverted exterior she’s a really fun (if a bit serious) person with a soft mushy glowy center. You just have to be careful with her because it takes her a while to open up (like a waxing gibbous). Apollo is the opposite: as long as you don’t look at him directly he seems like a super chill cool guy but if you look at him wrong he will snap and you’ll learn the meaning of a harsh glare.

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