Msitu Picture

N a m e : Msitu

A g e : 24

S e x : Male

S p e c i e s : Unicorn

V i l l a g e: Siccabis

J o b: Slave

L i k e s: forests/wilderness, animals (especially the creepy-crawly ones), collecting small items

D i s l i k e s: meat, sarcasm, loud noises, the cold

P e r s o n a l i t y : Polite and formal, he always uses good manners. He has little humour and doesn't understand when others use it which gives the appearance that he's unintelligent. He's not very brave, he may stand his ground but if that person bullies him he'll run away.

B a c k g r o u n d : Before he was born in Silva, his father left him and his mother leaving her to take care of him. She worked very hard to sustain her small family so he grew up not having much. Eventually his mother died from an illness leaving him alone at a very young age, since he was still a child he grew up he grew up with little interaction with others which is why he is so socially awkward and lacks social understanding and boundaries.

After his mother's death due from a terrible illness, he took up early work as a slave for the governor of Siccabis where he grew up serving others.

Because I am very in to mythology, I made him a "reversed" unicorn. Unicorns were believed to render poisoned water drinkable and have the ability to heal others according to myth. Msitu's abilities are backwards: he can poison water and instead of healing others, causes them intense pain upon contact. However, his horn is broken in half due to an accident so his powers do not work 80% of the time.


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