Shinsetsu Shikaryu - Kirin Picture

More of a mixed media than a traditional work, but oh well. xD Color was all traditional, lineart was CG, so... yeah. Moving on!

This friendly fellow is Shinsetsu Shikaryu (literally Deer-Dragon of fortune(? not sure; I'll double check and edit later) ), a genuine deer-dragon Kirin, and not one of those horsy-unicorn type "kirin". Those ain't genuine kirin, folks. Sorry to burst your bubbles. He's a spirit of good fortune, and an overall nice guy, as evidenced by the bunny and birds. ^^

This is also my second entry into *zimeta08's Anthro Contest, and the above is why I chose to do a Japanese Kirin. Because the true-to-myth Kirin is under-represented and merged far too often with the Western unicorn, which is incorrect if you actually want to call it a Kirin.

Shin's colors and design were based off this image: [link]

Shinsetsu, Art (c) me
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