Oyuki Picture

My original character, named Oyuki, inspired by the "Yuki-Onna" legend in Japanese mythology.

The Yuki-onna is a spirit or yōkai , a supernatural monster from Japanese folklore. She is a spirit or ghost that takes the form of a beautiful young woman in a white kimono that appears to travelers during snowstorms. “Yuki-onna” translates to “snow woman” in Japanese. Originally she was depicted as evil, but later variations depict her moral state differently. She has been known to kill mortals, using her icy breath to freeze them. I wanted to depict her in a less evil incarnation but still as an elegant, strong woman who holds an air of dignity to her. My intention was to give her powers that are strongly centered around her snow theme to pay proper homage to her legend. I wanted her appearance to be close to her true myth but alter it enough that she will be her own unique character. She does in fact constantly emit snow around her body, as seen in this drawing.

Technically my first OC so she's special to me. ^^ I drew this in January. Perhaps I will upload more info/drawings of her down the line.

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