The Out-Carried Child Picture

This is for the Mythical Creatures Design Challenge! were we are supposed to make a T-shirt design based on mythology/folklore [link]

And with me being from the north, my mind just went straight for the Norse myths and tales.

UTBURDEN (the out-carried child)

Utburden is a child that the mother has born secretly and isn’t able to keep. She kills it and buries it somewhere or just leaves it in the woods to be killed by wild animals. This child will haunt its mother until she confesses her crime or let some remains of it be buried within the churchyard. Sometimes the child walks around crying and miserable, and if anybody hears or see it they can try this formula:
"Eg døyper deg på ei von,
anten Kari eller Jon"
(I baptise you at random, either Kari or Jon)
Then the child will find peace.

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