Prydwen Picture

Cali and Faye had a daughter a while ago, and this is only my second drawing of her. I should fix that.

Pbbthh what to say... Prydwen was named after King Arthur's ship, the Prydwen, which apparently means 'fair face', and thus carries on the tradition of the mythology-inclined names from Faye, who's middle name is Morgana.

She was really into myths and fairy-tales as a kid, and would travel around any lush forest she could to try and find faeries. She ended up sliding into a bit of a depression around her teen years, due to the fact that she missed out on a lot during the winter months, thanks to both her Mama being sick, and herself coming down with the same hereditary sickness.

And then she kind of gets really angry when other girls mock her for whatever, and then gets violent.

... Fucking hell i just realized she looks like shego god damn it

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