Trinacria Picture

Watercolor, 24x10"
April 2014

While in Sicily I was most drawn to the ancient ruins at Selinunte, Segesta and Taormina, and I found myself taken with Paolo's and Rosa's (our tour guides) history lessons, both factual and mythological. I am of Greek and Sicilian descent, though I have always been very connected to my Greek heritage in particular. However, being in Sicily led me to a sense of belonging, a sense of an ancestral home, and that feeling was more powerful than I had anticipated it to be. I was fascinated to learn how much Greek history shaped Sicily, originally known as “Magna Graecia,” or Greater Greece. On our final day in Sicily we learned of the “Trinacria,” the symbol of the island, and the symbol's rich mythological history. The story is a creation myth for the island, and I have illustrated a scene from that mythos as a reflection of my time in Sicily, and a celebration of my heritage.

© 2014 Nicholas Elias

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