Das Licht 1 Picture

first symbol for a non-existing yet organisation called "Das Licht" (the Light).
The goal would be to fight against the religion despotism and fanatism, the Middle-Agian way to think. the main target would be the catholic church, the first and main threat in Europe.
It wouldn't attack the religion itself, but the ones using it to impose rules and way of life, it would be a tool to spread culture about philosophies and mythologies, and symbolism.
It's inspirated by the Lumières, french philosophers of the 18th century, the Illuminatenorden, the Free-Masons, the myth of Prometheusn and the one of Lucifer.
I think, when we see what is happening for the moment, with the rise of a christian far-right wing, that it's time to react and build a counter force against religious christian fanatism. Evangelists, creationists, hard catholics, are really a danger.
An example of the enemy : [link]
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