"Azrael" Picture

With the allure of an angel and a scyth hidden behind four thousand wings, I'll steal your breath away.

Say hello, to Azrael. She is one of a set of identical twin, red dun, fillies out of Flyleaf and by Sierra. Her name literally translates to "angel of death". Azrael, the standard name for the angel of death most commonly used in Islamic and other Middle-Eastern religous based texts. He is referred to as both beautiful and alluring, as well as ugly and horrific. Myth gives the appearance of four faces, four thousand wings, and a body of as many eyes and tongues as there are current people on the Earth. However music, classic literature and other pieces, depict him as a double identity of reaper and angel. He will be the last to die.

Azrael, my character, is a mixed breed, daughter of Sierra, who will eventually meet up with Darius, son of Warsaw and Sabriel. The two will unite and bring together two tremendously powerful lines, eventually providing Warsaw with a grandson--and heir. Azrael however, is anything but lady-like. She is agressive, strong, quick-witted and cunning. She is a devil in angel's clothing and is fast to react to things. She's currently but a filly, but hopefully with age, she will engrave her name into Shadow Mountains history.

03/09/08- changed the colors a little to make it seem more natural, and added a blaze to the horse instead of a star and snip, that way I can go back and forth between the two pics and they'll match, lol. Not 100% sure about this one, let me know guys ^^

**This is NOT for personal use of any kind. Please do not claim as your own, color, cut/crop, edit, or change in any way, thank you.**

Horse: Loosends-Stock @ [link]
Background: Resurgere @ [link]
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