A Death Angel Picture

Ah...Beckman...self-proclaimed death angel, purveyor of poison, soft-spoken psychopath. Perfectly polite and poetic, even as he serves a cyanide-laced dinner, slips paralytic drugs in your drink, or, when he's feeling more aggressive, plunges a syringe into your neck during a moment of distraction.
But he'll tell you there are no hard feelings; he is merely trying to help you, after all. As an agent of "mercy" it is his job, his purpose, his cure.
It is unclear whether he truly believes he is ushering lost and broken souls to the afterlife like the Boatman of Greek myth or simply exercising a twisted need for power and control, but it could be a combination of both.

All calm logic and charm on the outside; but a snake pit of murderous impulses and twisted philosophies on the inside. He's truly a walking contradiction. You have to love a snappy dresser, though. A dapper fellow who will wine you and dine you and engage you with interesting conversation as the poison takes affect and then suddenly you're vomiting blood and he's commenting on how beautiful it is because he truly, honestly doesn't see why any of this is a problem. Because he's not "evil" as you claim. He's a merciful angel.

I am currently undecided as to whether Beckman will die in a hideous, karmically suitable fashion, or be altered so profoundly by his Mental Wraith that he becomes a different person over time, even an ally. Whether it is ever possible for him to atone for his crimes will be left up to the reader.
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