Bright Water Picture

Iddhapa Varuna, an aquatic yaksha posing by the shore.

Yakshas are spirit beings from Buddhist/Chinese/Indian myth, described as "morally neutral" and hailing from all parts of the world, i.e. the sky, sea, space, forests and land. In mythology they display great strength and telepathic power, and may be wild but capable of taming by enlightened beings such as Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

This image was hand-drawn, then scanned and rendered on Corel Photo-Paint 9. Admittedly, I copied the torso off the photograph of a pro wrestler... hence the realism. The large, flipper-like feet reflect Varuna's undersea origins. He wore a traditional sarong at first, but one day I drew a pair of batik Bermudas on him and found the effect so funny I decided to keep it!
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