Adventures in Arthurian Legend Picture


In order of appearance, we have: Nimue, Morgana (in the background, panel one, and the last panel), Guenevere, Arthur, and Morgawse, from Le Morte D'Arthur.

I'm trying to re-acquaint myself with the myths, since I'm taking a class on them next semester and I've eschewed British/Roman/Greek mythology for... basically every OTHER one. So I'm doodling comics of the legends' characters in modern times, since that seems to make the knowledge stick easier.

Fun fact! Morgana le Fay did NOT have Mordred with Arthur, contrary to what nearly every movie and mainstream recreation has to say. It was her sister, Morgawse (spelling varies), who apparently slept with QUITE a lot of people.

And Nimue DOES crush Merlin under a rock, which I find highly amusing.
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