Mosquito Ref Sheet Picture

An OC I made a while back and never drew so I thought I'd finish this. uvu

Name: Mosquito*
Gender: Male
Personality: Easygoing, laid-back, loyal, humble, modest, trustworthy, street and book smart (though more street-smart than book-smart)
Occupation: Familiar to the mythological god of insects
Myth(Bio): Mosquito was always a good and well-behaved child, but grew troublesome during his teenage years. He had started experimenting with local "drugs" and had become addicted to cicada blood. The mosquitos and cicadas had a peaceful relationship until local cicada villagers started disappearing and reappearing almost dead from blood loss. There were several deaths, and these deaths were what caused a feud between the cicada and mosquito villages. Mosquito had been rehabilitated many times, but all in vain. There came a point where Mosquito could not be rehabilitated anymore, or even captured for that matter. Eventually, all the villages could do was hide from the danger that lurked in the shadows, in search for blood. In this era of fear, the god of insects took notice of this danger and wished to bring peace once more. He visited the villages looking for Mosquito and luckily encountered him. He was in terrible condition, suffering from the symptoms of addiction. The god of insects knew him to be a cursed soul, but had taken him under his wing to attempt at curing him of such a burden. Soon enough, Mosquito had quit drinking cicada blood and replaced his addiction with cigarettes. Although this was no better for his health, it was for the greater good of the insect world. He is now the familiar of the mythological god of insects.

*Not his real birth name

Mosquito, Art © Me
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