Random Sillium Picture

Wooot! My first drawing of Sillium on here with NO BODY ELSE IN IT!!!
I looove Sillium. As I do all Thoth characters. He's mr. main character in Unwritten cuz Thoth (He's the reincarnation of Thoth) appears in the all the main myths. So, he made a prefect main character.
He's the total opposite of Thoth in Godz Today; he's happy, hyper, and slightly insane. (Thoth; emo, depressed, lethargic.) He conststantly says "Hugs and kisses, wink wink!!!" And for those of ya'll who don't know yet, he's the god o' wisdom!!!! And again, unlike Thoth, is super pleased about knowing everything in the universe.

See ya!!!

NekoMimi Studios/ Maddie chan
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