The Kappa Picture

Here's a somewhat realistic take on the mythical Kappa from Japan.

Kingdom: Animalia (Animals)
Phylum: Chordata (Vertebrates)
Class: Mammalia (Mammals)
Order: Monotremata (Monotremes or Egg-laying mammals)
Family: Ornithorynchidea (Platypus and relatives)
Genus: Nipponorynchus
Species: N. Japonicus

Males: 4 - 5 feet long and weighing about 80 lbs
Females: 3 - 4 feet long and weighing about 40 lbs

The kappa is a strange bipedal and highly intelligent monotreme native to most of Japan. It is an omnivore that mainly feeds on fish, insects, aquatic plants and cucumber like plants, but it sometimes also feeds on bird eggs and rodents.

The shield on it's back is made of hardened hairs (Similar to the scales of a pangolin). The Kappa also posses a small dent on the top of their skulls but unlike what is told in Japanese mythology, the dent is holding a bladder like organ that can store water when a Kappa has to move a great distance between bodies of water, much like a camel stores fat in it's humps . The myth of carrying water in the dent comes from that some people poked holes in this head bladder, causing the water to leak from the bladder. which can result in the kappa to dehydrate.

Like explained before, Kappa's are highly intelligent and are able to mimic human speech and in some cases they can use human speech to either communicate with humans or to fool them, which might be what gave them such a misschievous reputation.

Like it's Australian relative, the Platypus, Kappa's lay eggs and feed the young with milk as with all mammals. Males and females often form monogamous pairs and take care of their young together. Because of their need of aquatic habitats, they are also very good swimmers and use their powerful limbs to chase fish in the rivers and lakes where they live.

Conservation status: Critically endangered (If it still exists) or Extinct since the 18th century (Due to overhunting for either healing purpouses and superstition reasons and habitat loss)

Hope you guys like my take on the Kappa and please comment

I'll try to color it later on
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