Valhalla Scanlation: V9 Page 8 Picture

Valhalla Volume 9: Den Store Udfordring/The Big Challenge
Page 8
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Next on our tour of Chateau Thor! The chair, the spiders... the secret door... the master bedroom...
And also a fine display of traditional Jotunn emotional blackmail from our friend Magni, who's modelling a lovely creeper face in half the panels. Raise your hand if you think he's gonna turn out to be more of a jerk than Tjalfe!

I couldn't find a translation for the word 'usselryg' but by separating it into ussel and ryg I got 'miserable back'. Judging by the rest of the conversation it's a colloqialism for cowardly/villainous people so I went with scoundel.
Also had problems with 'basta' cos I thought it was a version of bastard at first XD Seeing as he was yelling it at his wife it didn't make much sense. Turns out it's an informal interjection that Danish shares with Swedish meaning roughly 'stop talking' or 'enough'. So it wouldn't have been in a dictionary nor a translation site
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