Knack the Elder Kobold Picture

This is an original character design of my idea of a kind, old kobold.

A kobold is a type of elf or hobgoblin that is known greatly in Germanic and other European myths. The best way I can describe them is they are similar to Dobby and the house elves in Harry Potter, where they belong to one family and do household chores for them until they are let go. The personality of a kobold based on various myths can range from wise and kind to mischevious and troublesome (when they feel wronged).

Knack, like many kobolds, has lived a lifetime of loyalty to his chosen family. There was only one member of the family who abused him terribly, explaining the scar and torn ear he has. His right is also gong blind, but that is due to old age. He's a kindly old kobold whose favorite things include freshly baked honey cakes and his bucket, which he's had for years and insists on using no matter how many new buckets his host family tries to give him.

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