New character Drago Picture

WARNING: this person is OC, so the next text you can find very strange.

I'm not a fan of fantasy, dragons and everything people do with their mythology. I don't know, it's not my profession - to judge them or their things, but...
In my story about one world, it has no myths, so I should make them now.
As long as Norway is a motherland of dragons, I found the nesess... necess... I found I should draw drago for a Norja.
Well, now I have two new chars in my mind: old drago and young (the one you see now).
I can try to draw dragons, right, but I don't think they will be special because everybody draw them, and I'm not good with anathomy, even with humans one.

But his time is come, so he is here, with us. My first drago char, looks like I always draw daemons. Well, I don't know, maybe they are a big family (I mean, dragons and daemons, because even Sija has same features...). And The Great Fish is their mother/father. Who knows. Maybe Norde knows, he lives since viking dudes begun their being.
Little drago is trying to live in the new world.
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