Lupercalia Picture

GAC round two entry(theme being roman and greek mythology) [link]
This took far too long, and was made far too close to the closing date. My anatomy in wolves sucked from those misshapen lumplings I've been drawing of late. >.>

About Lupercalia-
".... 'Lupercalia' the festival of ancient Rome is played out upon the canvas. Lupercalia, the mother of the modern Valentine’s Day celebration sees golden youths of the Luperci run naked through the streets, displaying their masculine prowess, whipping the upturned palms of the women with strips of freshly slaughtered goatskin, rendering them both fertile and safe from the horrors of a disastrous childbirth. Purification through flagellation. Entwined as the myth is with the very birth of Rome itself through the attempted murder of the twins Romulus and Remus and their suckling and salvation from the she-wolf Lupa - the wolf is both the sacred and profane, the saviour and aggressor."
~Sheridan Casson, [link]
leather texture used- [link]
background would be a old Roman etching, slightly warped and messed with.

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