trust me - gift Picture

I am wolf.
Come closer.
No, you come to me,
You are more free.
No, I will not harm you.
That’s me, tame as a shrew.
These fangs? Just for show.
And the eyes of dripping fire?
All the better to see you with, my dear.
I am no liar.
I am wolf.
That’s it. Lay your hand
On my grey-black back.
I won’t attack.
I promise.
This string? It couldn’t hold me.
The strongest chains couldn’t hold me.
That is fact.
It is just so pretty, I don’t want to rip
The six interwoven fibres from their knots.
I could have got you now,
If I had wanted. Now, could you slip,
The six interwoven fibres into slightly looser knots?
Trust me.
That’s better.
Why don’t we play a little game?
I like games.
Last time, he cheated!
That wasn’t fair.
I never cheat.
I am wolf.
You won’t cheat.
Will you?
Just so we can be sure,
Give me something you adore,
And I will keep it, until you play fair.
How about...your right arm?
No, I haven’t played such stakes before.
Drip, drip
That isn’t blood, dripping from my maw
And clinging to my fierce jaw.
No, there will be no gore.
I promise.
That’s it, put your hand inside my mouth.
I won’t bite.
Trust me.
I am wolf.

Fenris, by SlightlyMetaphysical ->slightlymetaphysical.deviantar…

Happy Birhtday Crowy, and again its not what one would call a typical Birthday picture xD

Im having quite a few problems while drawing lately.. not a real artblock, but inspiration is making itself rare these days… well, and then I came across

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