A downright asshole (story of Ixion) Picture

A downright asshole (story of Ixion)

So, I decided to translate into english several extracts from Greek mythology by Nikos Tsiforos.
It is the greek mythology as Nikos Tsiforos narrated it, and we Greeks consider it as one of the stellar works of a great comedic and satiric writer that still entertains and makes us laugh while we learn about myths. Tsiforos can literally have you in stitches while narrating some of the most famous stories of world culture.
With the extracts that a times I will present to you on Deviant art, you will have a chance to read about Greek mythology through the very satirical and acerbic point of view of a modern Greek.
So you can get Greek mythology and greek humor wrapped up in one, and I get English practice!<i>
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