95. Tangaroa Picture

Tangaroa: Polynesian God of the Ocean

100 Gods and Goddesses Challenge

Here's one I've never heard of before! This is exciting. ;w;
There are lots of different versions of Tangaroa and his myths across the Pacific Ocean from New Zealand to Hawaii. It's very interesting to see how the islanders personify the force that affects their lives so much. It seems that there are very solid divisions between sea and land; in fact, in one version the Earth, Papa, is Tangaroa's wife- seduced away from him by the sky! Another story tells of the rivalry between Tangaroa and Tane, the father of birds, trees, and humans. Tane created forests for his children to hide in, but many of Tangaroa's children (fish) left the ocean and became lizards. In some versions, humans are thought to be descended from fish and therefore Tangaroa hence their relative hairlessness... but because they live on land they must tread carefully when entering Tangaroa's realm!

So here's a tiny Gecko fleeing from Tangaroa. Aww. ;w;

Some people believe that Tangaroa is blonde, and that the Europeans who arrived as explorers were descended from him. Neat. :3
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