The Floating Palace (SF 1001 Animations) Picture

Writer: Craig Gerber ( Sofia the First)

Date: November 24, 2013

Disclaimer: This is a copy and paste.

Synopsis: Sofia is on vacation, when she meets a mermaid named Oona. After she frees Oona's fin from a net, her amulet gives her the ability to turn into a mermaid. When visiting Merroway Cove, she learns how mermaids in general distrust humans. When Oona gets captured by Cedric, who's turned into a sea monster, Sofia tells the queen. Unfortunately, her advisor thinks she's lying in order to protect the humans. Now, Sofia has to rescue Oona or her family's ship will be sunk.

This episode is awesome. From what I have seen online, this episode has something to do with racism. The mermaids think humans are evil while humans don't believe in mermaids, with Sofia caught in the middle. I like how dedicated she was to her family and mermaid friends. Okay, let's talk about the premise. It's a really good story. There is actual danger in this episode, but it's still toned down for the target audience. Some people seem to have an issue with the fact that the humans don't believe in mermaids in a world of magic. The answer is that even in a world of magic, there are still things that seem way out there. Besides, it's "mythology" with "Myth", indicating something that may not be real, and so the idea of mermaids may seem illogical. I mean, take for example My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with the episode "Feeling Pinkie Keen". Twilight doesn't believe Pinkie Pie has this Pinkie Sense, a special power which allows her to predict the future, since only unicorns and alicorns can use magic, with the exception of Zecora the Zebra, but that's in a later episode. When Pinkie Pie says that Twilight uses magic, a special kind of power, she says that magic only happens when you decide it to happen. With the idea that magic only happens when you want it to, it can be concluded that you can decide if certain magical elements can be true. Besides, the special says that mermaids only come out occasionally to the surface, so maybe not many people have seen them, and claim them to be nonexistent. Also, with the mistrust between humans and mermaids, the humans probably made up stories on how mermaids are nothing but a legend in order to completely severe all ties with them, and passed them onto the next generation. Anyway, this episode had two great songs. The first is "Welcome to Merroway Cove" by Sven. This is a really catchy, upbeat song that talks about life under the sea, kind of like Sebastian from "The Little Mermaid". The second is "The Love We Share" sung by Ariel and Sofia. In it, Ariel says that though humans and mermaids have different ideas and mindsets, loyalty to family is what connects them. This brings us to the moral. The moral ,as stated before, is that even though there's animosity between two groups, a strong loyalty to family is what connects them together. You would do anything for your family. That is really touching. And so, because of this connection, Sofia goes to Cora, Oona's older sister, for help. They work together to free Oona, and bring humans and mermaids together. That is why this special is the best of season 1.
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