ETI Reference - Illa Picture

Name: Illa
Gender: Female
Age: Child, around four years old
Species: Tetradaemon (made up species, whoot)

Illa's Personality and Info
Her age, four years, is equivalent to that of a younger teenage human (around thirteen or so.) She's not 100% mature, often acting more curious and somewhat clumsy, but she can make intelligent descisions for herself if need be.
She would love to make friends, but is usually denied this right due to her appearance. She's wary of the dangers that other species, namely humans, can present, and will stay away until she's sure there is no immediate threat. Being forced to work with or to save a human during the tornament, she'll likely be scared at first, but will eventually work through it as she's going to be concerned about the well being of others. She has the intelligence to formulate plans on her own, but would much prefer to work in a team. Team work would work better also because she is still somewhat a child and her judgement may be flawed at times.
Once she feels she can trust someone, which doesn't take all that much, she becomes very gullible and vulnerable. This could pose a serious problem for her if her "friend" decides to use this against her.
--Each of Illa's faces have their own strengths and weaknesses, listed on her reference--
--Also, Illa can speak English! But her only speech comes from her two faces with mouths--

Tetradaemon Species
(Just some extra info that you don't necessarily have to read, but can if you want to understand her more~)
In an alternate universe earth, where mythological creatures live alongside humans and other earthly animals, there exists a unique species known as a tetradaemon. What makes tetradaemons special is their appearance. Their form typically represents a cow-type creature, but they've got a set of three extra heads. These three heads serve different purposes depending on the age of the tetradaemon- young ones use them for defensive protection while older ones use them as offensive weapons. The heads can form for different uses, some tetradaemons may get lucky and have perfectly formed faces while others may be born with eyeless or earless faces.
A tetradaemon can live up to forty years. Its single true face and the rest of its body can take up to ten of those years to develop, during which time the tetradaemon uses a small amount of magic to bind a shell to itself. The shell, which is typically made out of a freshly killed animal skin, will protect it from weather and some physical attacks. The shell, after being bound, will become slightly plastic-y and will not bleed, but can be damaged to the point of needing to be replaced. Tetradaemons will usually have enough magic for up to five shells before they'll need to learn to live without it.
In their universe, humans tend to hunt tetradaemons- their many faces are valued prizes. It's a common myth that hanging the heart of a tetradaemon in front of your door will wield off other dangerous animals.

If any more detail is needed or I need to change anything, let me know~

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