Buringcantada Picture

A buringcantada is a large flamboyant one-eyed monster that usually lives in large extravagant multi-roomed houses located in dense forests. Its house is usually decorated with all sorts of vines and brightly colored flowers. Buringcantada are practically fond of hosting parties and entertaining guests. They often invite other monsters as well as other buringcantada to participate in loud disco raves that often last to the wee hours of the morning. Despite their flamboyance and wild party nature, buringcantada are wild man eaters who would attack anyone if given the opportunity. However, buringcantada are also fortunately incredibly stupid. They often mistake hemp rope, axe heads, and tribal drum beats for human hair, teeth and heartbeats respectively.


*Monster comes from filipino myth and folklore. Some artistic licensing was added to the monster, such as its fondness for disco.
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