Isis Assembles Osiris' Corpse Picture

This is a 9x12" linocut print of the myth of the murder and resurrection of Osiris.

It depicts Isis using needle and thread to reassemble the corpse of Osiris, which is held in a seated position with posts and ropes. The river creature counterpart of Set looks on from the river, and a cedar tree on the riverbank holds in its roots the casket-trap from which Osiris was pulled and cut into fourteen sections.

Nut is facing the opposite direction she should be; I forgot the flip the image and carved a lot of it before I remembered, so I just left it the way it was. (I have since flipped the image to correct this.)

Zoom in for better detail - this is a bad photo, but I have no others at the moment.

Hand-made prints are available from me
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