Fox Spirit Picture

I find foxes to be one of the most beautiful of animals known today; and I believe Japanese mythology romanticizes them even more. Beautiful and graceful, the a fox that grows older eventually can become almost a spiritual entity, and possess many powers; including the ability to shape themselves into that of a human. Foxes are very much for themselves in a sense, and I find this attractive in them. They seem careful but curious enough to get them into trouble. In some cases, they could be seen as good fortune; while in others they are seen to be of no good if they are discovered in human form. And if I get any of this incorrect (I am not of Japanese origin, I just read alot about this stuff) sorry?

I personally find them graceful, intelligent, true to themselves, but rewarding to those that do them good. I had read The Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman recently, and was enchanted by it's story and artwork. The author had based it off of an old Japanese myth, but the story was touching; and full of vengeful goodness. XD Either way, I loved it; so I had designed this fox goddess outfit for my Anime Festival Wichita trip this year.
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