Sirrush Picture

I have a much bigger scan, but as always, scans are finicky.

Inspired by/featuring the 'dragon' known as the Sirrush or the Mušhuššu - featured most famously on the Ishtar Gate of the city of Babylon.…

Attempting to work more on 'original' things, if you can call anything really original. That's another conversation however! (Don't mind me, just in myth-mode, where stories intermingle to the point where you don't know where they began from...)

My preferred media is pencil/ink after all. I like color, but only digitally, and rarely within the bounds of colored/watercolor pencil.

EDIT: Why the heck is the brightness/contrast on my file screwed up
It's much darker on my laptop...It's so washed out on here.

EDITEDIT: Here's a screenshot of what I mean :…

EDITEDIT: for intended edition click here:…
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