Khi and Hiri Picture

Wow! My first pic up of Khi from {unwritten}!!!
I love Khi. He's the reincarnation of Anubis, and despite the fact he smokes, I adore him. He's cuuute!
Anyhoo, when he smokes, this lil demon named Hiri comes out of it- part of that whole death god deal. He's totally BFFs with Sillium (Despite them being total opposites.) and, if you know any myths with Anubis, he's the son of Sappire (Nepthys) who has to abandon him at birth. So her tiwn sister, Ruby(Isis) takes him in. He doesn't know this, probably never will. So now he's an adult. In the series, he accompanies his father Edrev(Osiris) to civilize the world, helps Ruby find his body, and resurrect Edrev.
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