[C1] Okami Tsukuyomi Picture

Sooo I want to go into concept art. I might start uploading some concept art up onto this account once in a while if I get the time to do any. C1 stands for "Concept 1" so expect to see concept art with that.

Alrighty onto the picture. I decided to go with Okami because I absolutely adore the game and its art style. Also the designs in the game are fucking amazing. They were so interesting to see the first time! All the thick lines made to look like ink brush strokes like in ancient Japan. So cool.

The concept I did was a mix of Okami and Shinto religion, like the game. I had already known that Amaterasu had two siblings in Shinto religion, Susanoo and Tsukuyomi, the storm and sea god and the moon god respectively. So I thought to myself "Why isn't there a design for them?" And then I remembered that Susanoo was Susano and Tsukuyomi was Nagi's sword. They weren't Ammy's actual siblings. So this came to fruition.

Tsukuyomi is the middle child of the "Three Noble Children", the three gods that painted the landscape after being born after washed from the god Izanagi's face. Amaterasu is the eldest, being washed from his left eye, and Tsukuyomi second after being washed from the right eye, or in alternate stories; from a mirror of white copper in Izanagi's right hand. After this he ascended the celestial ladder and lived in the heavens along with Amaterasu. There's not many myths of him otherwise. The only other one is that he angered Ammy when he killed the food goddess Uke Mochi when he was sent to represent her at a feast the food goddess had prepared. Uke Mochi prepared the meal by turning to a certain section of the world and coughed up the food there out of her mouth, which disgusted Tsu so much he killed her even though it did look delicious. After finding this out, Ammy was so furious she moved away from her brother to another part of the sky forever.

That's it mythology wise. Design wise for the Okami game I made up, he looks like Amaterasu but with longer fur, tail, more swirls, and different markings (That I utterly failed at tbh). Aaand that's all she wrote. Not an OC, just a concept.

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